BTH-700 + BM-700L Automatic side sealing shrink wrapping machine

                                                                  Prouduct Introduction:

                                                                  This machine is suitable for packaging longer and longer items (such as: wood flooring, picture frames, aluminum, etc.). Using the most advanced PLC programmable controller, with security protection and alarm devices to ensure that the machine high-speed operation stability, a variety of settings can be easily installed on the touch screen. The use of side seal design, product packaging length unlimited, sealing line height can be adjusted according to the height of packaging. Equipped with imported detection of photoelectric, horizontal, vertical detection of a group, easy to switch options.

                                                                  Main technical parameters :

                                                                  Model BTH-700 BM-700L
                                                                  Max packing size (L) No limited (W + H) ≤ 500mm (H) ≤200mm (L)No limited x (W) 450 x (H) 250 mm
                                                                  Max sealing size (L) No limited (W + H) ≤ 550mm (L) 1500 × (W) 500 × (H) 300 mm (cavity size)
                                                                  Packing speed 15 ~ 35 packs/min 0-30m/min
                                                                  Electric Supply & Power
                                                                  220V/50Hz 3kw 380V/50Hz  16kw
                                                                  Max current 16A 32A
                                                                  Air pressure 5.5 kg/cm3 /
                                                                  Weight 800kg 400kg
                                                                  Overall dimensions (L) 2000 x (W) 1270 x (H) 1300 mm (L) 1800 x (W) 1100 x (H) 1300 mm

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