BTH-400+BM-500 Automatic side sealing shrink wrapping machine

                                                                  PRODUCT INTRODUCTION:
                                                                  Automatic side sealing shrink wrapping machine is an intermediate speed type automatic sealing and cutting heat shrink packing machine which we design and produce in the high-speed automatic edge sealing machine basis, according to the different needs of the domestic market and customers. It uses photoelectric to automatically detect products, achieve automatic unmanned packing and high efficiency, and it is suitable for all kinds of packaging products with different sizes and shapes.
                                                                  Performance characteristics:
                                                                  1. This machine is a fully automatic side sealing, cutting and shrink packaging equipment, which can be connected to various fully automated packaging assembly lines.
                                                                  2. The built-in Omron PLC programmable controller has safety protection and fault alarm functions, which improves the stability of the machine.
                                                                  3. The sealing and cutting knife adopts American DuPont Teflon anti-stick coating, and the sealing will not crack or coking; the sealing and cutting knife has an automatic protection function to prevent accidental cutting of the packaging.
                                                                  4. Adjust the height of the film guide device and the feeding and conveying platform, and it is possible to package products of different widths and heights without changing the mold and the bag maker.
                                                                  5. Automatic feeding, the length of the bag is automatically controlled by the combination of electric eye and timer; equipped with a waste induction motor, it can automatically take up waste edges.
                                                                  6. Equipped with an independent and freely movable pinhole venting device to make the packaging effect more beautiful.
                                                                  7. Equipped with American Bonner brand detection photoelectric, one set of horizontal and vertical detection, switch options to pack thinner and smaller items.
                                                                  8. Using Omron digital display temperature controller, the temperature can be set at will, and the sealing and cutting temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate.
                                                                  MAIN TECHNICAL PARAMETERS:




                                                                  Max Packing Size

                                                                  L不限W400 (H)180(W+H)400


                                                                  Packing Speed



                                                                  Electric Supply &

                                                                  2040/分鐘 packs/min



                                                                  220V/50Hz  1.3kw

                                                                  380V/50Hz  12kw

                                                                  Air Pressure






                                                                  Overall Dimensions



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