BTB-300D Cellophane wrapping machine

                                                                  Prouduct Introduction:
                                                                  The machine uses a fully enclosed plexiglass cover, nice, hygienic dustproof; especially for the health requirements of users. Equipped with the German Siemens control system and PLC touch screen interface. So that the whole machine more luxurious and generous, more stable and reliable operation.for the various sectors of the box-type items of film automatic packaging (with gold pull line) The

                                                                  Main technical parameters:

                                                                  Packing Material BOPP film and gole tear tape
                                                                  Packing speed 40 ~ 80 packs/min
                                                                  Packing size (L) 240 x (W) 120 x (H) 60 mm
                                                                  Electric Supply & Powerr 220V 50Hz   5kw
                                                                  Weight 550kg
                                                                  Overall dimensions (L) 2000 × (W) 700 × (H) 1400 mm

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