BTB-350 Cellophane wrapping machine

                                                                  Prouduct Introduction:
                                                                  The machine is mainly for the long box-shaped items of packaging, equipped with a thin film upright structure, so that the long seal interface, the package is more stable; at the same time can be used for double box side by side packaging, the machine utilization And higher added value. for the various parts of the industry in a large box of automatic film packaging (with gold Pull line).

                                                                  Main technical parameters:

                                                                  Packing Material BOPP film and gole tear tape
                                                                  Packing speed 30 to 60 packs/min
                                                                  Packing size (L) 300 × (W) 120 × (H) 60 mm
                                                                  Electric Supply & Powerr 220V 50Hz  5kw
                                                                  Weight 600kg
                                                                  Overall dimensions (L) 2000 × (W) 800 × (H) 1400 mm

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